Is This You?


Spending your hard-earned money on links, but have no data-driven strategy?


Know that your site is awesome but your link profile is holding you back? You’re building links but afraid your competition is simply building more?


Buying links from random link services and crossing your fingers? Or your link provider is far too expensive?


What's A Link Plan Anyway?

I audit your backlinks against top competitors, assessing link quality, anchor text ratios, and link velocity. From this, I craft a tailored strategy to improve your rankings, recommending target pages and monthly link-building goals.



🆓 Completely free. Let my link plan earn your trust!


👍 Perfect for any site, big or small.


📬 Delivered to you as a PDF within 10 business days
(10+ hours to create)

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Three Steps to Get Started

1) Takes less than 5 minutes
2) Will be ready within 10 business days

1) Review the plan, tweak it if necessary
2) Ask questions
3) Choose your budget.

1) We follow your custom strategy
2) Live link sheet for to view links 24/7
3) Monthly reporting

From Zeroes to SEO Heroes

Jamie & Team Discuss Your Link Plan

These clients have been with us for 2 to 5 years! They’ve used our link plans and strategies, scoring win after win, year after year. The best part? Some of these professional partnerships have blossomed into awesome friendships. 👫


Ready to be part of our success stories?

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Niche: Locksmith E-commerce Site
Began: March 2019
Budget: $800/month
Links Built: 202
Avg. DR: 48
Avg. Cost Per Link: $192.71
Results: 400% Increase In Traffic, #1 For 70% Of Main Keywords

Niche: Affiliate Website
Began: Jan 2020 - Sept 2021 (Sold Site)
Budget: $1,500/month links, $1,000/month content
Links Built: 131
Avg. DR: 57
Avg. Cost Per Link: $231.73
Results: From 0-60,000 traffic in 1.5 years.

Niche: App Development Agency
Began: June 2021 - Present
Budget: $2,000/month
Links Built: 214
Avg. DR: 52
Avg. Cost Per Link: $197.21
Results: From 4,000 to 13,400 traffic in 1.5 years.

Hey! I'm Jamie. 👋

I Surf The Web To Get You Backlinks Your Site Needs And Your Wallet Loves

I Have:

✔ 10 Years Experience As An SEO (Client And Own Sites)

✔ Worked With Over 70 Clients

✔ Created Over 150 Link Plans

✔ 5 Amazing Team Members From 5 Amazing Countries

I Also:

✔ Am Traveling Around The World (40 Countries So Far)

✔ Surf (Badly)


Can I Receive The Plan Faster?

I tackle Link Plans in the order they come in. With over 10 hours poured into each quality audit, expect yours within 10 working days. It’s this commitment to detail that sets my work apart from those quick, less detailed audits and ultimately what will you get better results.

What Budget Should I Choose For The Plan?

Let’s talk numbers!


Identifying a budget you can afford (are prepared to pay) helps us tailor the perfect plan.


Think of it this way: $250/month is our starting line, $10,000+ is the sky’s the limit, but most find their happy place between $500 and $3,000, with $1,000/month being the go-to for small sites and $2,000/month for medium sites.


Facing tough competition? You might want to gear up for a bit more budget.


The Link Plan identifies the number of quality links you need, allowing us to outline the budget necessary for success. We may discover you need less or more budget than what you are prepared to pay. We can then discuss.


The golden rule? Invest as much as you comfortably can in link building and don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to good links. Good links aren’t cheap for a reason!

What Exactly Does The Link Plan Include?

  1. Link Analysis: Compare your link types with competitors to see where you stand.
  2. Link Building Goals: Identify how many links you need to be competitive.
  3. Target Pages: Receive guidance on which pages to focus on.
  4. Anchor Text Strategy: Learn to balance your anchor text just like your competitors to prevent over-optimization.
  5. Link Building Pace: Get advice on the optimal number of links to build monthly for your niche.
  6. Custom Link Plan: We’ll provide a tailored link and pricing strategy to meet your goals within your budget.
  7. Whitelabel Option: Our plans are client-ready, helping you offer detailed strategies to win more business and boost rankings.

A Link Strategy Is Cool, But What Types Of Links Can You Build?

Relying on a single tactic isn’t enough.

We employ a diverse set of link-building strategies to outperform competitors and foster long-term, sustainable growth.


Our top strategies include:

Guest Posts & Link Insertions: Core to our approach.
HARO: We’re on top of journalist requests.
Competitor Link Analysis: Always watching, always learning.
Jamie’s Secret Sauce: Top-secret, but oh-so-effective.


Regularly used techniques:
Editorial Outreach & SkyScraper: Elevating your content.
Directory & .edu Links: Building credibility.
Tier 2 Links: Making good links great.


When possible, we also explore:

Broken Link Building & Unlinked Brand Mentions: Cleaning up and capitalizing on missed opportunities.
Resource & Awards Link Building: Showcasing your achievements.


Our strategy is comprehensive, focused, and designed to deliver real results.

I Don't Know What Info To Provide, Can You Help?

Of course! All we need is your site URL and ideally what product or service you would like to work on. Leave the rest blank when ordering and we will work on the rest.

How Do You Find Data For The Plan?

We leverage Ahrefs, Semrush, and Google search for an in-depth analysis of your and your competitors’ link profiles.


Our manual review process sets our Link Plan apart, ensuring precision in our findings. With over 10 hours of expert scrutiny of all data, we exceed the quick, superficial audits commonly found elsewhere.


Our thorough approach weeds out low-quality links you and competitors may have, optimizing your strategy and saving you money by recommending only the quality links you truly need to compete with your competition.

Can the Link Plan Be White Labled?

Absolutely! As an agency, you’re welcome to leverage our Link Plan for your clients. Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll have the option to customize your plan with white labeling. This means you can add your own logo, contact details, and set your preferred profit margin, making it truly your own.

More Questions?

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