5 Absolutely Essential Elements of Engaging Affiliate Copy

What Makes Effective Affiliate Copy?

The answer is simple: engagement. Words sell. They have been doing from the beginning of time. But – and here’s the key takeaway – they only sell when they’re used well.

Anyone can write affiliate copy, but without implementing the right strategies, we can’t all write engaging affiliate copy.

Here Are 5 Absolutely Essential Elements of Affiliate Copy That Sell

1. It’s Personal

We’re all familiar with the hero’s journey. Picture your favourite action film. The protagonist, or hero of the tale, sets off into the unknown to solve a problem. After facing many hurdles, the hero discovers the solution to this problem – whether it be saving the world from an apocalypse or putting a stop to a bad guy for good – and ultimately saves the day.

Although used time and time again, the hero’s journey never fails to grip us. Why? Because it’s personal.

We all face problems that need solving on a daily basis. If you sell a product that solves a problem, make it personal. Reach out to the people who want to hear you. Let them star in their own hero’s journey – and make it a happy ending.

2. It Tells the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

Here’s the thing about affiliate copy that lies: it’s obvious. Why promote a product you don’t believe in? You’ve never tried? You don’t love? Why dress a product up to be something that it’s not?

Affiliate marketing is supposed to be truthful. That means being honest about a product from start to finish.

Of course, you want to entice readers to make that purchase. But they’re much more likely to do so if they’re equipped with a broad range of knowledge about a product, rather than a list of overly exaggerated product plus-points.

3. It’s Varied

Affiliate content isn’t product reviews. It isn’t buyer’s guides. It isn’t even well-informed blog posts. It’s a combination of the three.

There’s nothing more boring than formulaic affiliate content. Mix up your approaches to bring in the widest and most diverse range of readers.

While some may prefer to learn the ins and outs of a product in a detailed buyer’s guide, others may still be trying to get to grips with the problem they’re facing – which is where informative blog posts come in. If they’re ready to make a purchase, they’ll want to skip straight to the product reviews.

Know your audience. Then appeal to readers beyond that.

4. It’s education

If your affiliate copy isn’t educational, it isn’t going to sell. But nobody’s too fond of educating themselves on the internet – so how to get past the problem?

The solution is simple: disguise education within entertainment.

Give your readers the information they need to know to make informed purchasing decisions about a product. But entertain them while you’re at it. Tell stories. Let them use their imagination. Put your product in their living room, outside their front door, in their garage. When appropriate, make them laugh. Education doesn’t have to be a chore.

5. It’s Got A Killer Headline

Ultimately, you’re not even going to bring readers to your website, let alone your customers, without the right killer headlines.

A killer headline doesn’t need to be ultra-catchy-bordering-on-clickbait. It just needs to communicate to your reader that your copy will answer the exact question they’re asking, or solve the exact problem they’re experiencing.

If the reader thinks you can help with their situation, they’ll click through to your site. It’s as simple as that.