A Short Guide to Surfer SEO

If you’ve been looking at your options for outsourcing content production, or researching ways to optimize your written content yourself, you’ve probably come across Surfer SEO. 

Surfer is an AI tool that has rapidly gained popularity in the past couple of years. Many agencies and copywriters that focus on creating quality SEO content now use Surfer SEO for their clients. 

So, what is Surfer SEO? And what are the benefits of using Surfer for writing blog posts, buyer’s guides, product reviews, and other forms of web content? We’ll discuss everything you need to know in this guide. 

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a paid online tool that can be used to optimize web content – i.e. to make it as search-engine-friendly as possible. 

When you input a target keyword into Surfer’s content editor, Surfer will analyze the first-page SERPs for this keyword. It’ll use data from these top-performing articles to produce guidelines for your own written content. 

Surfer has a few pricing options that change pretty frequently, and costs upward of $500/month, depending on the plan you opt for. 

The more expensive the plan, the more features are available to you. While the Basic plan lets you write 25 articles per month, the Business Plus plan offers a total of 1,000 article spaces per month. 

Here’s an example of how Surfer SEO works:

Surfer SEO Benefits

What does Surfer SEO offer that you couldn’t do yourself? Let’s take a look at Surfer’s most notable benefits:

  • It offers technical insights in seconds. It’d take you hours to compile the same results manually
  • It helps you to optimize your written content across a number of areas, including keywords, headings, article structure and length, bold words, and images
  • It’s user-friendly. Once you’ve created a couple of articles with the tool, you’ll pretty much know exactly what you’re doing
  • It has a great support team. We’ve reached out with questions and concerns, and have always received prompt responses, despite the time difference

Is Surfer SEO For You?

In short, if you want to optimize your web copy, using Surfer SEO is a must. The only instance you probably won’t get value from Surfer is if you’re planning to write non-SEO copy, such as content for a magazine or a mobile app. 

We optimize all our clients’ web content on Surfer SEO. Unlike some agencies, we have our own Surfer account, and we won’t make you get your own account and set up the briefs yourself. We want to make it easy for you! 

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