Content Mini Course 4/5: The Difference Between Copywriting and SEO Copywriting

If you’ve ever hired out a copywriter for your blog or website work, you will have heard the team “SEO copywriter” or “SEO copywriting” in the copywriter’s portfolio, website or application for your job.

Though anyone could stick “SEO” in front of their job title to make it sound more impressive, SEO copywriters are a lot better than your average copywriter, for one simple fact: they know what to do to help your website rank well on Google.

Before we jump into what makes an SEO copywriter such a gift from the gods, let’s look into how you’d go about writing your own web content with an SEO focus, as opposed to just writing your own web content.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:


1. Research your keywords

When you have an idea for a blog post in mind, research a good mix of long-tail and short-tail keywords and note them down.

2. Think up a punchy headline

You need a headline that’s clear and interesting. It should also include your most important keyword or keywords for your article.

3. Write your article

Generally, the longer the article, the better – but it’s important not to ramble. Remember to add in your keywords.

4. Optimise the article from start to finish

If you’re not using any smart tools to help you with this process, it may take a while. You’ll need to physically count your number of keywords throughout the text, then compare this number to the number of keywords in top-ranking competitor articles. You should also do the same with bold words, headings, and so on (You’ll know all about this if you’ve checked out class 2 of the course).

5. Add images, links and anything else important

These will also help you rank on Google, and, therefore, are an SEO element of any SEO-focused blog post.


You’ll need to commit a lot of time to produce the perfect SEO blog post. And that’s why many people choose to leave the job to a genuine SEO writer.

While plenty of people across the world are blessed with a writing talent, SEO copywriters have the skills and knowledge that are absolutely essential for your business.

Instead of wasting your time tweaking your content to appeal to the likes of Google, your copywriter will do it all for you. This is particularly helpful if you don’t actually know how to appeal to the likes of Google. A good SEO copywriter will know this already.

SEO copywriters charge higher than standard copywriters – logically. You pay for the behind-the-scenes magic that turns your blog post from just another piece of cr*p on the internet to something people will genuinely read.

In the next lesson, we’ll be looking at how to know your copywriter is the real deal.