Why A Good Business Can’t Exist Without A Blog

What do you prioritise on your business’ website?

Most likely, it’s your sales copy. Your product descriptions. Your site navigation. And that’s a very wise thing to do. You need to stay relevant, look the part, and keep your product listings up to date.

But if you’re not already doing so, you need to add one more priority to your list: blogging.

Here are four key reasons why blogging is essential for any good business:

1. It brings traffic to your website

If a customer finds your product through directly searching for your product on a search engine, give yourself a pat on the back. But remember that this is becoming a rarer and rarer method of locating your website on the internet.

Rather than searching for a specific product, a customer is more likely to search for a problem.

As an example, let’s take a supersonic, ultra-power pet-fur cleaner. Very few people will type “supersonic, ultra-power pet-fur cleaner” into a search bar. What they will type is something along the lines of: “How to get pet fur off my furniture”. Which is where your blog posts can pop up offering a range of solutions – and that’s where you can discuss your own supersonic, ultra-power pet-fur cleaner.

Nobody wants to splash the cash on this, that, and everything in between. Not initially. A customer is far more likely to show interest in your product once they have learned – from your blog posts – exactly what their problem is, and the range of methods for solving it. Be that source of information. It’ll do very good things to your site’s traffic.

2. It shows that you know your stuff on the subject you’re selling

How is a potential customer supposed to trust in the product you’re selling if you provide no evidence of knowing anything about it? You need to demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable on every single area of your trade. Rather than trying to prove this in your product descriptions (although they’ll do their own talking), prove it by blogging.

Blog consistently. Blog widely. Most importantly of all, blog thoroughly.

Some customers will want you to provide a very simple answer to a question they have. Others will be looking for in-depth, highly informative copy about a range of issues. Make sure your blog posts target everyone. You’re here to help – and encourage purchases from – the widest audience possible. You can only do this if you show you know your stuff.

3. It increases your SEO

Don’t let the technicalities of SEO scare you. There are some very basic ways to effectively increase your search engine optimization – and one of these is through frequent, relevant and targeted blogging.

The more content you produce, and the fresher it is, the bigger your chances of being seen. When you put the right focus on the right keywords, you’ll be able to beat your competitors in any niche category – or perhaps even formulate your own.

4. It gives a personal insight into your brand

Who are you? Who are the people behind the brand? Perhaps your potential customers think they don’t care. But when they read your blog posts, they pick up the “voice” of your business, the message you’re putting across, they’ll (perhaps unintentionally) get to know you on a more personal level.

Think about a business you know personally versus one you only know through its products. Which are you more likely to trust? Which would you feel more confident buying from? You can build that trust by being the number one source of information for your clients – and putting your own spin on what’s already out there.

Your blog also allows you to respond to comments and interact with customers just as you would on your social channels. Utilise this opportunity whenever you can. You want to assure your audience that you’re friendly and responsive, above all. These things really do make a difference in business.