Hey! I'm Jamie. πŸ‘‹

I Surf The Web To Get You Backlinks Your Site Needs And Your Wallet Loves

I Have:

βœ” 10 Years Experience As An SEO (Client And Own Sites)

βœ” Worked With Over 70 Clients

βœ” Created Over 150 Link Plans

βœ” 5 Amazing Team Members From 5 Amazing Countries

I Also:

βœ” Am Traveling Around The World (40 Countries So Far)

βœ” Surf (Badly)

My Stockroom/Bedroom Age 14 (Scotland's Youngest Arms Dealer)

My Journey Into Link Building

At 14, I launched an airsoft gun business on eBay, and by 16, due to Google Ad restrictions SEO was my only option and it led me to where I am today.


Now at 26, Β both the failures and the wins of my many business ventures have taught me that adaptability and continuous improvement, especially in SEO, are invaluable.Β 


Between 16 and 18, I relied on short-term, spammy SEO tactics, which ultimately led to lost rankings, teaching me the importance of sustainable strategies for long-term organic growth.


Fast forward 10 years and I can empathise with business owners on their struggles with SEO. You’re putting a lot of investment, your SEO presence, and potentially your entire business on the line with the strategies (and people) you choose to employ.


If you desire to have a business that benefits from long-term success, steering clear of short-lived, spammy tactics in favor of sustainable organic growth through my Link Plan and backlinks is the solution you need.

How I Work

Step 1: Craft Your Link Plan πŸ“ˆ


It all starts with the free link plan. No guesses, just data-driven strategies after a thorough link audit. Need one? Click here.


I analyze audit data to pinpoint the best link types, target pages, and more, wrapping up with my expert advice and budget recommendations.


Step 2: Plan Review & Budget Talk πŸ’¬


  1. Review the plan, tweak it if necessary, and set your budget.
  2. Book a call and say hi at this point if you’d like.
  3. Agree on a budget, and we’ll get the monthly payments rolling.


Step 3: Setting Up Your Dashboard πŸ› 


  1. You’ll get a “live link sheet” for 24/7 updates.
  2. We prepare anchor texts and outreach templates, then hunt for quality sites.


Step 4: Building Those Links πŸ’ͺ


We execute the plan, targeting various link types, using the right anchor texts, and focusing on your chosen pages, all within your budget.


Step 5: Monthly Check-ins πŸ“Š


Expect an email breakdown of our progress and insights each month.


Step 6: Plan Refresh πŸ”„


At the end of the plan (usually 12 months), we reassess and update your Link Plan, ready to start the cycle with improvements from new data and rankings.

Jamie Backpacking In Taiwan - Jan 2024

SEO Agency Client Feedback On My Link Plan

From Zeroes to SEO Heroes

Jamie & Team Discuss Your Link Plan

These clients have been with us for 2 to 5 years! They’ve used our link plans and strategies, scoring win after win, year after year. The best part? Some of these professional partnerships have blossomed into awesome friendships. πŸ‘«


Ready to be part of our success stories?

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Niche: Locksmith E-commerce Site
Began: March 2019
Budget: $800/month
Links Built: 202
Avg. DR: 48
Avg. Cost Per Link: $192.71
Results: 400% Increase In Traffic, #1 For 70% Of Main Keywords

Niche: Affiliate Website
Began: Jan 2020 - Sept 2021 (Sold Site)
Budget: $1,500/month links, $1,000/month content
Links Built: 131
Avg. DR: 57
Avg. Cost Per Link: $231.73
Results: From 0-60,000 traffic in 1.5 years.

Niche: App Development Agency
Began: June 2021 - Present
Budget: $2,000/month
Links Built: 214
Avg. DR: 52
Avg. Cost Per Link: $197.21
Results: From 4,000 to 13,400 traffic in 1.5 years.