How to Become an Authority on Any Topic

When you own a website that sells a product, being able to prove yourself as an authority on all topics related to this product is essential. Does that mean you need to be an expert from the very get-go? Absolutely not.

There’s no shame whatsoever in jumping on the latest trend and selling a product that you think will do really well on your website. It’s not possible for anyone to have in-depth knowledge on every single subject that exists today. Nor should you feel insecure about delving into a topic that you know virtually nothing about right now.

When it comes to the products you sell on your website, people need to trust that you know what you’re talking about. Here are 4 simple tips to selling yourself as an authority:
  • Do your research
  •  Keep it simple (to begin with)
  •  Adopt a teaching method
  • Speak with authority

Do Your Research

It’s easy to feel daunted by research. But instead of thinking of the bigger picture – that you need to research to make sure you can share your expertise on your website – approach your research as if it’s for personal learning only.

You’d be pleasantly surprised at just how fascinating it is to learn about what, on the outside, looks like an incredibly boring topic. Whether you’re learning how vacuum cleaner motors work or getting to grips with the ins and outs of reverse osmosis, we promise you’ll find yourself immersed in the subject like you’d never imagined.

Keep it simple (to begin with)

When you’re sharing information about a subject on your website, it’s much better to only share what you fully understand yourself. This may mean keeping things simple for a while, which is absolutely fine.

Remember that many people will be visiting your website after hearing briefly about a subject, and deciding that they want to learn more about it. If your SEO is up to scratch, people may even find their way onto a blog post on your website from a Google search before they even have any intention of buying your products. Start by giving them the basic information they need to more thoroughly research into a topic if they choose to.

Adopt A Teaching Method

As you share aspects of a relevant topic on your websites, try adopting a “teaching” method, imagining your audience sitting right in front of you, ready to read your words. You will notice that you’re able to take in far more information, at a much more effective rate, than if you have the mindset of, “I can’t imagine many people will see this blog post, so I won’t bother to make it too informative”.

Another good idea is to relay the information you’ve learnt to a willing family member after you’ve written it down. It’s at this point that you’ll probably discover a plot hole in the stuff you’ve learned so far – and you can quickly look it up to continue with your explanation. If it’s important, note it down for a future blog post.

Speak With Authority

How many times have you heard that you should “fake it ‘til you make it” if you want to gain confidence? The exact same rule can be applied to becoming a subject authority.

Many of us suffer with imposter syndrome, which means that even when we’re legitimately experts at something, we’re unwilling to actually act like we are. This can be a real problem when it comes to making sales through your online image alone, as if you don’t believe you’re a subject authority, no-one else will.

You’d be surprised at just how many leading authorities of today had no idea what they were doing when they first started to teach people on their subject. Believe in yourself (and do the research on the side) and before you know it, you’ll become the authority you’re aiming to be.